When you visit Makers' Gallery we will spend time with you looking at a range of design options, materials, methods and prices. We are sure you’ll find something which suits your artwork, your tastes and your budget.

Beware of quotes based only on size! Additional considerations that may affect the price include detail of design, materials selection, craftsmanship and conservation level. Expect to be given multiple design suggestions and quotes at your consultation.

“You may think you want the cheapest frame but low-cost framing can actually damage your picture.” Fine Art Trade Guild

Conservation level
Five levels of Framing - the Guild Framing Standards

1. Minimum Level
2. Budget Level
3. Commended Level
4. Conservation Level
5. Museum Level
Size influences the technical specification:
- thickness of glass
- mounting technique
- oversize / non-standard sheet materials
- sub frames, braces and splints for joining
Hand finishing
Bespoke frames aim to have a beautiful finish with great attention to detail. Hand finishing includes:
- carving
- sculpting
- colour matching
- gilding
- repair and restoration work
Design options
Truly stand-out design considers proportions, layering and technical specifications. Try:
- Stacked mouldings and layered mounts
- double sided frame to show front and back
- hand painted frames, mounts or bevels to resonate with the colours in work
Makers' Gallery can offer you a discount for a quantity of identical frames. Repetition in the handcrafting process reduces the time it takes to build each frame, and this will be reflected in the price.
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