Expert framers are really hard to find. At Makers' Gallery we know that good framing is about great design, choices and options to meet your requirements, and information about conservation level.

We understand that standard high street framing and off-the-shelf frames can actually damage valuable or sentimentally important artwork. 
When we make a frame for you, the moulding, mount boards, type of glazing and construction techniques used are all chosen specifically for your piece. We can show you options and discuss methods to help you decide how it looks, and discuss protection against damaging factors like acidic materials, condensation and UV light.

We have experience framing fine art originals, textiles, objects, posters and works for exhibition. Your framed piece is guaranteed to bring years of pleasure.  

''Three pictures framed here and delighted with the result and it was all down to Felcity’s patience and guidance and demonstrating the different options. Very impressive customer service.'' Mark C.

Heritage photo frame